Phoenix Rising


“Phoenix Rising” is not just a play; it’s a transformative experience that brings to life the stories of resilience, courage, and survival. Through compelling narratives, captivating performances, and artistic expression, this event aims to create awareness and inspire action against the pervasive issue of human trafficking.


Our mission with Phoenix Rising is two-fold. Firstly, we seek to provide a platform for survivors to share their stories in a safe and empowering environment. Secondly, the funds raised during this event contribute directly to support organizations working tirelessly to combat human trafficking, providing survivors with the resources they need to rebuild their lives.


“Phoenix Rising” is more than a performance; it’s a catalyst for change. By attending and supporting this event, you become part of a movement that helps survivors rise from the ashes of their past. The funds generated contribute to counseling services, vocational training, and essential resources, fostering a path to recovery and empowerment.

Join the Movement

Be prepared to be moved, inspired, and motivated. Phoenix Rising invites you to be an integral part of the healing journey, using the power of art and empathy to make a difference. Stay tuned for event details, ticket information, and ways you can contribute to the rising of these incredible survivors. Together, let’s be the wings that lift them towards a brighter future.