“Nearly 300,000 U.S. children are at risk of being trafficked; that the National Human Trafficked Resource Center received over 200 calls from across Louisiana last year; and, that over 100 trafficking related arrest have been made in Louisiana this year? This heinous crime is a serious problem and it is taking place right here in our own backyard.
Because of its location and prominence as an international shipping port, New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana has a human trafficking problem. A 2018 DCFS report to state lawmakers said Louisiana identified 681 confirmed or prospective victims of human trafficking that year. More than half – 356 – were juveniles. Seventy-two were 12 years old or younger. Young people are particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of trafficking, whether as runaways or as a victim of a participating family member or caregiver.”

– “lamothefirm.org”

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